28 Years | 28 Countries | Over 100,000 people trained | All introductions by Word of Mouth


Just a small selection of client Testimonials.

“Probably the best trainer of public speaking In the world”

– Jim Coxon CEO BIGGA

“The course was absolutely brilliant. In fact I would say without reservation, the best day’s training I can recall ever having had”

– Michael Peck Group Manager WH Smith

“I am delighted to have positive feedback from all attendees”

– Joanna Thornell Director Coutts

“Thanks so much for your help, you are like an absolute ray of sunshine in our lives. I think that you are absolutely brilliant and it was an absolute pleasure to have your share your advice and training with us. Both enjoyable and beneficial”

– Chris Parks National Account Manager GLOW

“I’ve received the feedback sheets this morning. I didn’t really need them though as people have gone out of their way to come and tell me and email me on what a fantastic session it was. Thank you”.

– Jackie Ripley HR Manager The Gambling Commission

“Can I just say how thrilled everyone was with the training over the past two days. Without exception every single member of the team found it thoroughly enjoyable and extremely suitable. I have also mentioned you to a number of other companies”.

– Deb Leary OBE CEO Forensic Pathways

“I did what you suggested at our conference, I exaggerated my emphasis, slowed down and energised. So much positive feedback from everyone I spoke to over the weekend and there were 4000 in the audience”.

– Humphrey Couchman Communications Director Telecom Express

“ The particular benefit of your training over other training providers is your ability to focus on individual needs even when training our senior and accomplished speakers. Your impressive background and gravitas make you particularly suitable for coaching our most senior directors and feedback from all has been excellent”.

– Suzi Howard

“I have moved to the USA on a 3 year contract. Following the presentation we spent two days working on I was offered a post in Texas. To say your help was invaluable would be an understatement”

– Andy Traynor
– Yale NUS – Singapore

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