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30 years | 28 Countries | Over 100,000 people trained | ALL word of mouth​

Lorna D Sheldon A.L.A.M F.I.T.C.lct

Lorna’s career path has been exciting, rewarding and challenging. Her early career saw her taking over and running a family business in crisis, taking it from the brink to a successful company.

A new direction took Lorna into the training and development world. For the last 30 years she has been training and coaching people all over the world, enhancing communication on a global scale to create world class speakers and communicators.

Lorna has trained/coached the who’s who of companies and is the premier trainier in her field of expertise. The mere fact that all of Lorna’s business has come via word of mouth says all it needs to about the quality and expertise she offers her students.


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Communicating in the Digital Age

We now live in a world where there is a huge amount of noise. The Evolution of world technology means that being heard and standing out in a crowd can be a challenge. To excel in the world today you need to outshine your competition, you need to be heard. You are confident that your product or service is world class – what is left? The ability to make your people outstanding! Having worked with over 100 000 people in the last 30 years, Lorna has trained/coached companies to win bids as high as £50 million, she has trained/coached CEO's to acheive what seemed like unachieveable goals. She has transformed individuals and businesses by helping them to be outstanding and leave their competition standing in the background, as they shine.

  • Dave Bexton
    Dear Lorna, On behalf of the Redrow Board and the whole sales team I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your excellent contribution at our sales conference. Everyone found your session very informative and relevant and it will help us to establish a truly Redrow way of selling. Please keep in contact and there may be opportunities to incorporate some of your work into our sales consultant training programme.
    Dave Bexton
    Redrow Homes
  • Louise Pidgen
    Don’t worry I’m not going to send you all my work from now on, but I did feel the need to show you that I really agreed with what you said on Friday, and  I have simplified my ppt right down and created a hand-out to accompany it! I’ll let you know how this is received after I deliver it on Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed our session on Friday. It was hard work, but intensely useful and interesting throughout. I had great confidence in your experience and insight, and your own delivery of the material was so arresting that it was hard not to want to emulate that level of engagement with my own audiences. I can’t recall another development session that has felt so immediately useful and impactful. I will continue to practice the methods you have taught us.  
    Louise Pidgen
    Derby University
  • Sian Lewis – CEO
    "Lorna Sheldon was highly recommended to me by a trusted professional, so I had high expectations for the Day 1 Training. The two groups of participants were Bulgarian and had a wide range of ability. The improvement in their performance, by the end of the day was astonishing. To say this training is: effective, good value for money or worth the time investment, are inadequate understatements. Lorna's mastery of communication gives participants the opportunity to learn through observation of excellence. This programme is full emersion in experiential learning. Progress is fast, and lasting. Deep suppression of self-expression was overcome, seemingly effortlessly. Lorna knows how to get maximum progress from each individual, with compassionate directness and understanding. One leaves with tools to improve communication, which can be applied in all situations: from daily life, to formal presentations. This is a powerful group or individual experience that can be life-changing."    
    Sian Lewis – CEO
    AquaSource Group
  • Jeremy Lee
    I thought I knew everything. During 7 hrs of training there was only 1 thing I already knew, the other 6 hrs 45 mins were extremely new and exciting to learn.
    Jeremy Lee
  • Jim Croxton
    “Lorna is probably the best trainer and coach of public speaking and effective communication in the world.”
    Jim Croxton